Close-up Illusionist

A What?

“Rico Weeland, An up and comming top talent in a new generation of close-up magicians!”

-Ger Copper; World Champion of Magic, 1979

Usually illusions are shown on stage with big boxes. This happens from a pretty big distance, it is beautiful, however, it also feels distant and unpersonal. 

With close-up illusionism Rico will bring beautifull illusions to a close-up environment. Don’t worry he doesn’t travel with huge boxes and tigers. He will use small everyday objects such as cards, coins, strings and anything that is laying around really.

It’s Rico’s goal to connect all your guests while giving them a universal experience of beauty and wonder.

Close-up Illusionist

Previous customers

What do I offer?

Rico entertained us all with his acts.. incomprehensible meaning how he did it! Magic! As Rico would say, just enjoy it!

-Louise Jorritsma

Table Magic

During table magic Rico will go from table to table to astonish and entertain your guests.

This type of magic is perfect for dinners, cocktail parties or any ocation where your guests are spread across a venue really.

The beauty about table magic is that it’s upclose and personal. Rico will connect your guests while showing them magic that fits to their personality and group dynamic.

Parlour Magic

During parlour magic Rico will astonish all of your guest at the same time. This means that he shows pieces of magic which are suited for a bigger group of people.

This could be one bigger show from 30-60 min, or it could be smaller pieces inbetween a program, to open, or to close a progam. It is highly recommended that you contact Rico and talk trough your event and the way that Rico can best contribute to it.

“Rico is a wonderful performer. We asked him to show his art on a moving bus and this was a great succes!”

Veldboer Eenhoorn

During Rico showed off his beautiful art during or company BBQ. He went from table to talbe and showed a variety of different tricks. 

During all of this he was very charasmatic and pleasant to look at. He didn’t force people to do anything they didn’t want to do and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.

 He was a wonderful addition to our event and I would highly recommend him for any lunches, diners or other types of special events.

Zoran Davidovski

Head off R&D, Pipelife International GmbH

Rico Weeland showed the new strategic points for our company trough magic tricks. Amazement and astonishments. This was the perfect support that our presentation needed, it was a huge succes!

Bert Deliën

directeur/bestuurder, Humanitas onder dak

Who am i?


Award winner Dutch Championship of Magic 2016

My name is Rico Weeland and I have a big passion for magic. Because of this I travel all over the world to astonish people while searching for magic’s best kept secrets.

After I find those secrets I update them so that they are suitable and entertaining for a modern audience.

I can promise you one thing, the magic that I’m going to show you won’t be shown to you by any other magician and because of that, most people won’t ever get to see that type of magic during their life time.

Inclusia Short Film

During this short film we tried to highlight the process behind the magic. 

The path to mastery is long, beautiful and frustrating. We wanted to show to you how exactly the mind of mad magic scientist works and we are proud to present to you our short film Inclusia.

Directed by: David Globe Sokollof
Filmed & edited by: Gabriël Sokolov from RASA
Actor: Rico Weeland
Writers: David Globe Sokolov, Gabriël, Sokolov and Rico Weeland

Phone: +31642113259


KVK: 66761581

Housed in Amsterdam

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